Wolfgang in Sweden * How I came to Sweden

Why Sweden ? - I guess that was Kurt Tucholsky's fault.
Reading "Schloss Gripsholm" had made me curious enough to go there.

First time in Stockholm, I stayed from Autumn 1962 to Spring 1963. The money was good.
I worked at a legendary printshop in the Old Town, setting headlines to and putting together
page after page of government documentations, picking up some basic lingo "as you go".
I'll never forget the first time the news in swedish on the radio made some sense to me.
Another milestone I passed was understanding the phrase "Så'nt är livet", the title line
of a hit on the radio, performed by Anita Lindblom in her fascinating dark voice.
Little did I know that the middle-aged gentleman who patiently helped me getting started
was the famous alleged communist spy Fritiof Enbom. It was only many years later when
I learnt that he had been condemned, unjustly, as many people claimed, and later forgiven.
At the time, nobody mentioned anything. He lived to enjoy a modern flat in one of the most
fashionable new buildings created near Valhallavägen, assigned to him by the most likely
regretful authorities. Whatever the truth of his past, I owe a lot to him, rest in peace,
and all the other helpful friendly followers of Gutenberg at Statlanders Tryckeri.
Early in May 1963, I returned to Vienna to try a second start there. My professional
experience had qualified me for a year of Master Classes at the Graphic Institute.
In 1964, after graduation, when I was not able to find a proper job within
the newspaper industry in Vienna, I returned to Stockholm.

After many an adventure, in 1972, I opened up a record store in the so-called
Carnaby District of Stockholm.
How I got into selling records and what has happened ever since could well fill a juicy novel.
I am working on a more detailed biography, right now displaying just some backgrounds
of my family together with bits and pieces of my life and the society in which I grew up,
just as memories pop up in my mind.
If you are curious enough to read more about the kid,
use the link below to follow my story unfolding.

Biography in progress, long version

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